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What is Health Coaching?

Stress, grief, chronic illness, weight management, relationship challenges and life/work balance are just a few of the issues we may face during our journey through life.

In just one private session, or a series of sessions, we will work together to gain clarity about your present in order to create the future you seek.

  • Discover your most effective self-care strategies
  • Create a plan to achieve your intentions.
  • Uncover your mind, body, spirit connection

Hourly rates for health coaching sessions are $75.

When change arrives at our doorstep, we’re often left with a need to renew our commitment to our own health and wellness. A health coach exists to support you throughout the many transitions of life; helping you clarify your goals, remove obstacles and set a course toward true health and contentment. Together, we can cultivate a plan that allows you to fulfill your intentions, so you may live life more joyfully than ever before.
Wishing you well,
Amy Steel
Health Coach of Journeys, LLC

Amy Steel offers health coaching services to clients experiencing a transition or those wishing to create change in their life, health, career, or relationships.  After facing major life transformations, she came to the health coaching profession with a desire to find a fulfilling career in helping others.  She is also a speech/language pathologist and a mother who embraces the growth available in the journey of life.

Amy’s mission as a health coach is to provide a client-directed coaching experience through offering authentic communication, reflection, and support to clients actively seeking personal transformation or navigating life’s challenges.  Clients will be empowered through expressing and strengthening their connection to their inner awareness.  They will access their personal truths and make decisions to enhance their inner and outer wellness based on heightened self-awareness and understanding through discovering their personal and universal mind, body, spirit connection.


green-swirl  Graduate Certificate in Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices: Health Coaching from the University of Minnesota ’s Center for Spirituality and Healing

green-swirl  Master of Science in Speech Pathology from the University of Wyoming

green-swirl  Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from Mankato State University