Finding Mindfulness in a Sunday Workshop

~ written by Mandolyn J. Meyer Life only happens right here [the present moment.]  Everything else is fantasy.  This is where it’s unfolding.  And, when mindful, you possess full control…and your full womanhood.  As our thoughts, emotions, relationships…our interconnections, are allowed to fully impact ourselves and each other. Dr. Vivianne Tra Our Brain Controls our [...]

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Sustainability: And Exercise in Mindfulness

In considering sustainability and wellness we must view it two ways.  Through one lens, we understand that our practices must be sustained over time if we are to benefit from them.  We must eat well, exercise, sleep, relax, pray…etc. with some regularity over time to truly create our healthiest selves.  Through another lens, the healthiest [...]

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Thank You Stress

We’ve all heard about the many ways stress can affect us negatively.  It can disrupt our sleep, our eating, our mental functioning, our sense of spiritual connectedness, our relationships, and our work performance.  It can interfere with the way our body is supposed to function by affecting our blood pressure, our heart functioning, our digestion, [...]

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Have you made one…or five?  What’s yours this year?  How long did you make it with last year’s?  We’ve all made a resolution.  We’ve promised ourselves we would quit smoking, eat less, exercise more, watch fewer hours of television, arrive early instead of late, maintain better contact with friends and family…  Such fantastic plans we [...]

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